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Balcony Chilli Plant Collection 1×3

Grow These Three Chilli Varieties Hot Thai, Spangles And Lancer And Get Full Flavour And Sheer Chilli Intensity All Year Round.easy To Grow On A Windowsill Or Balcony, This Collection Provides The Perfect Ingredients For Hot Dishes And Salads Throughout The Summer. Even If You Don’t Have A Garden You Can Grow These Chillies Successfully On A Balcony Or Small Courtyard.hot Thai (agm, Good For Pots, Grow Indoors Or Outdoors) – Bushy, Compact Variety That Produces An Amazing Abundance Of Chilli Peppers That Grow Upright And Look Like Little Bright Lights Growing Above Smooth Green Leaves. Peppers Have Real Bite, And Plants Are Ideal For Growing Indoors. Perfect For Thai Green Curries.lancer (agm, Good For Pots, Grow Indoors Or Outdoors) – The Easy-care Chilli. When The Fruits Are Ripe They Actually Fall Off So You Know Exactly When They’re Ready. These Chilli Peppers Have Soft Skins And So Are Ideal For Drying And Turning Into A Powder For All-year-round Kitchen Use.spangles (agm, Good For Pots, Grow Indoors Or Outdoors) – Multi-coloured Cooler-heat Fruits In Whites, Reds And Purples Make This Variety Both Productive And Decorative, And Really Vibrant. Excellent To Add To Salads And Salsas For Vibrancy And Colour.on Arrival Remove All Outer Packaging And Gradually Acclimatise Your Young Plants To Their Outdoor Position. Do This By Bringing Your Plants Indoors Overnight And Taking Outdoors By Day, For Roughly A Week After You Receive Your Plants. Pot On Into Larger Containers Once The Roots Start To Show On The Side Of The Root-ball.feed With High Potash Feed Such As Sulphate Of Potash Once Flowers Have Set To Fruits And Support With Stakes If Needed As Your Plants Become Taller.

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