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Cabbage Duncan (spring Despatch) – Plants

Cabbage Duncan Is An Excellent ‘all Round’ Variety, With Excellent Versatility For Cooking In Many Different Ways. It Can Be Harvested In The Autumn From An Early Summer Planting, Picked As Unhearted Leafy Greens In Late Autumn From A Late August Planting, Or Over Wintered In Picked Whole In The Spring, Again From An August Planting.plants Despatched Mid March For Cutting May – June. Planted Straight Away On Arrival In March, This Variety Can Be Harvested As Delicious Leafy Greens From May, Or Left To Develop Into A Dense Ball And Harvested In Late Summer. the Extra Early Brassicas Have Been Sown In October And Overwintered Undercover With Frost Protection. The Plants Are Tough, Sturdy And Stocky Ready Hardened Off For Immediate Planting On Arrival. the Plants Will Not Look As Fresh As Spring Sown Plants but Don’t Be Alarmed! The Plants Will Be Taller And Have Some Yellow Leaves Which Will Either Fall Off Or Green Up As The Plant Gets Growing. The Plants Are Typical  Of Those Planted By Commercial Growers Up And Down The Country And Will thrive in Prepared Soil. these Plants Will Crop 6-8 Weeks earlier In Your Garden Than Spring Raised Crops And Give Your First Flush Of Produce From Your Garden – And What’s More Many Will Have Cropped Before Persistent Brassica Pests Are Around. ) Caterpillar And Whitefly. prepare Your Planting Bed Dig Over And Add Some Pre Planting Fertiliser, Rake Level And Walk Over The Bed Firming The Soil.- Brassicas Like Firm Soil. Lightly Rake The Surface Level Again.using A Dibber Or Trowel Make A Hole Deep Enough To Cover The Root Ball And The Neck Of The Plant. Water The Hole And Put The Plant In Backfilling And Firming The Soil Lightly Around The Plant.

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