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Cress Extra Curled – Organic Seeds

Ideal For Those Delicious Egg And Cress Sandwiches And Equally Good In Salads And Sauces. Unbeatable As A Garnish Too With Its Strong, Tangy And Peppery Flavour. Cress Couldn’t Be Easier To Grow. For Best Results, Grow In A Clear Plastic Container On The Windowsill.

Watercress Aqua – Seeds

If You Love Watercress You’ll Love Aqua. A Great, Peppery, Strong Flavoured Water Cress That Doesn’t Even Need Running Water. Just Keep In A Damp Place Or In A Pot And Keep Moist And You Will Have A Delicious Healthy Water Cress To Pick Straight From The Garden Or Windowsill.

Cress Polycress – Seeds

Polycress Is A Real Breakthrough Because It Is A Tasty, True Cress Which Matures At The Same Time As Its Companion Mustard, Without The Need For Staggered Sowings.if You Want Your Seeds To Germinate Quickly You Can Put Down A Horticultural Fleece Over The Soil – This Helps Retain The Heat In The Soil.