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Eraza Slug And Snail Killer

snail And Slug Specific Molluscicidesafety-lid: No Handling Necessary five Times More Effective Than Standard Pelletssave Your Hostas, Prize Perennials And Crops From All-too-frequent Slug And Snail Attacks With Eraza Slug And Snail Killer.eraza Slug And Snail Killer Contains A Unique Coating That Masks The Pellets’ Active Ingredient From Slugs And Snails, Making It Five Times More

Ant Killer Baits

Eraza Ant Killer Baits Give A Fast, Effective And Hygienic Solution To Ant Problems. Each Bait Station Contains Bait Which Has Been Specially Formulated To Attract Ants. They Are Lured To The Bait Station, Where They Collect The Bait And Take It Back To The Nest, Killing The Whole Nest. The Bait Stations Have Been

Deadfast Weedkiller Concentrate

Use This Easy-apply Weedkiller Powder To Rid Woody And Leafy Weeds. Particularly Useful For On Patios And Driveways. The Systemic-action Means The Weedkiller Is Absorbed Into The Plant And Runs Down To The Roots To Affect And Kill The Whole Of The Plant.deadfast Weedkiller Concetrate Kills Most Living Plant Tissue And Roots. As Such, Please

Deadfast Deeproot Tree Stump & Weedkiller

This Pack Will Treat Up To 6 Tree Stumps Of 10-15cm Diameter Or 120 Square Metres Of Perennial Grasses, Broad Leaved Weeds And Other Woody Weeks (e.g. Brambles) When Using A Sprayer.this Easy To Use Liquid Concentrate Rids Tree Stumps And Woody Weeds And Is An Effective Herbicide To Rid Unwanted Annual And Leafy Perennial

Growing Success Advanced Organic Slug Killer

Keep Slugs And Snails Away The Organic Way. Keep A Thriving Wildlife Population In Your Garden And Keep Slugs And Snails At Bay At The Same Time. Made From Ferric Phosphate Slugs And Snails Eat The Pellets And Move Away From Your Plants, Ceasing To Feed. growing Success Advanced Slug Killer Is A Blue Pellet Containing

Growing Success Slug Stop Non-toxic Granules

Non-toxic Granules Of Growing Success Slug Stop Provide A Physical Barrier Around Your Well-deserved Edible And Non-edible Plants. Slug Stop Has A Fantastic Absorbency Action Which Extracts Moisture From Slugs And Snails. They Stay Away And Keep Your Plants Well Protected Throughout The Growing Season So You Can Enjoy All The Fruits Of Your Labour.sprinkle

Growing Success Termin8 Ant Killer

Organic And Effective Ant Killing Powder To Solve Ant Problems. Exasperated By A Patio Crawling Of Ants Or Your Lawn Overrunning With Ants?  Produced From A Natural Mineral And Working Through Contact Action It’s An Effective Control To Give You Peace Of Mind.controls Other Small Garden Pests Like Caterpillars, Centipedes, Earwigs, Fleas, Cockroaches, Potato Beetle,

Deadfast Greenhouse Smoke Fumigator

Light The Wick And Allow The Fumigator To Do Its Work. Kills The Greenhouse Pests That Wreak Havoc To Your Indoor Tomato And Cucumber Crops As Well As Ornamental Half-hardy And Tender Flowers.  Treats A Greenhouse With A 6 ½ X 10 Ft (2m X 3m) Need Not Remove Your Plants When Lighting The

Growing Success Cat Repellent Scatter Granules

Growing Success Cat Repellent Deters Cats From Scratching, Digging And Fouling Around Your Prized Plants. The Repellent Contains Aromatic Plant Oils On An Inert Clay Base, Naturally Repelling Cats So Feel Free To Scatter Around All Outdoor Edible Crops And Ornamental Garden Plants.cats Learn That The Scent Is Unpleasant And After A Few Exposures Avoid

Growing Success Mole Repellent

Save Your Well-deserved Lawn From Getting A Hammering From Moles. Simply Dissolve With Water In A Watering Can And Water Into The Lawn. Repelling Plant Oils Within Seep Into The Tunnels And Surrounding Soil And Deter Worms – The Main Food Source Of Pesky Food Source- The Moles Simply Move On.harmless To Lawns And

Resolva Bug Killer Concentrate 250ml

Use This Effective And No-nonsense Insecticide To Eliminate Those Pesky Pests That Ruin Your Flowers, Fruit And Vegetables.this Concentrated Liquid kills Garden Pests Without Harming Your Favourite Flowers And Crops, And Can Be Used Throughout The Year As Appropriate. It’s Effective On Aphids, Whitefly And Caterpillars And A Whole Host Of Other Uninvited Garden Guests.its Fast-acting

Prickle Strip Dig Stopper

Keep Your Beds And Borders In Pristine Condition And Protect Them From Cats, Dogs, Birds And Wildlife Without The Need For Chemical Deterrents.  The Perfect Solution To Animals Digging Up Your Seeds, Bulbs And Young Plants.  Great For Fruit And Vegetable Patches, And Raised Beds, Plant Pots And To Prevent Birds Eating The Seed When

Heron Scarer – Solar-powered

Heron Scarer 81cm High 37cm Widedecorative Metal Solar Heron With Beautiful Feather Scroll-effect Cut Out Detail.each Heron Is Powered By An Integrated Solar Panel Unit.beautiful By Day It Also Lights Up By Night Producing A Decorative Scroll Pattern On Any Surface At Night.with An Optional Spike For Staking It Is Ideal For Garden Ponds, Patios,

Slug Barrier

keeps Slugs And Snails Awayorganiceasy To Put Upmake Your Garden A Slug-free Zone With An Effective Organic Slug Barrier.protect Your Garden From Destructive Slugs And Snails, Which Can Raze Plants To The Ground Overnight, With This Slug Barrier ‘fence’ That Does Just The Job. Made With Copper Oxide Which Slugs Hate, It Makes It Practically

Growing Success Glue Band Trap

protect Your Top Fruit suitable For Organic Gardeners effective On Fruit Trees And Ornamental Trees save Your Home-grown Apples, Pears And Plums By Trapping The Moths That Produce Maggoty Fruit And Ruin Your Well-earned Crops.pesticide-free This Form Of Trapping Is Effective And Ideal For The Organic Grower And Gardener. This Green Band Is Beyond The Colour Range Visible

Westland Moss Master 400sqm

attack Moss Directly In Your Garden.use Anytime In The Yearsafe For Children And Pets.neutralise The Ph Levels In Your Garden Lawn And Destroy The Moss That Stopping You Having The Garden Lawn That You Have Always Dreamed Of.moss Master Provides Essential Nutrients Such As Zinc And Boron To Your Lawn Offering A Deep Greening Treatment

Ultrasonic Indoor Pest Controller

This Pest Controller Is Designed To Deter Mice And Rodents From Coming Into Unwanted Areas. It Is Completely Humane And Is Suitable For Use All Around Your Home In Kitchens, Outbuildings, Sheds And Even Caravans.the Ultrasonic Technology Which Is Completely Inaudible To Humans Will Emit A Short 40 Khz Signal Every 8 Minutes And Will

Mole Trap

Save Your Well-deserved Lawn From Getting A Hammering From Moles. Simply Place The Weather-proof Clawed Trap With Soft-grip Handles Into The Mole Run (the Hole Running Away From A Mole Hill). When The Spring-action Trap Has Activated, The High-visibility Handles Splay Apart. That’s When You Lift The Trap Out Of The Ground And Dispose Of

Megasonic Cat Repellent

This Megasonic Cat Repeller Stops Cats Fouling In Your Garden Or Menacing Wild Garden Birds So You Can Turn Your Garden Once Again Into A Haven For Wildlife.ultrasound Noise Is Just Enough To Deter Cats Without Harming Them.dogs And Other Wildlife Will Not Be Affected By The Ultrasound Noise Either So You Are Safe In

Flying Falcon Garden Pest Scarer

Place These Realistic Birds Of Prey Decoy Hanging From A Tree Branch To Deter Bird And Mammal Pests From Eating Your Well-deserved Crops. In Mid-flight These Decoys Look As If They Are About To Pounce – Keeping Crop-eating Animals Like Mice Away.maintenance-free Place Your Decoy Falcon Hanging With The String Included, From A Tree In