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Iberian Wight Garlic Bulbs

attractive All-round Purple And White Garlictakes On Intense Flavour From Winter Frostsreap Double The Number Of Cloves At Harvest Time To Planting enjoy Growing Garlic Extra Early Wight In Your Kitchen Garden For The Rewarding Treat Of Picking The Full Bulbs From May For Supplies Over The Summer And Into Autumn. They Store Really Well So

Vallelado Wight Garlic Bulbs

Originating In Northern Spain And Grown In A Much Cooler Climate Than Most Spanish Garlic It Has Been Selected For Growing In Northern European Countries.this Softneck Garlic Shows Excellent Vigour With Fat Juicy Cloves And It Grows Well In Most Parts Of The Uk.delivered September To December

Garlic Duo Pack – Autumn Planting

Buy This Fantastic Money Saving Autumn Garlic Duo Pack, Combining Soft And Hard Neck Varieties!red Duke: a Beautiful Hardneck With Red Cloves. It Originates From Moravia, Czech Republic And Has Good Strength Of Flavour And Although There Are Others With Similar Colouring, Red Duke Has Far Superior White Skin Cover And Is A Harder, More Durable

Autumn Garlic Duo Pack

four Large Bulbs To Give Aroundaround 20 Cloves Turn Into 20 Full Bulbspurple And White Variety For Different Flavoursspecially-bred To Grow Well In The Ukarrives To Your Door Ready To Split And Plant Clovesperfect For Storing And Using As You Need Them For Monthsplant In Containers, Planters Or Directly In The Soilget Big Harvests Of

Lautrec Wight Garlic Bulbs

see Two Bulbs Turn Into 12 Bulbssuitable For Spring-plantingversatile In The Kitchen enjoy The Look And Flavour Of The White Skinned, Deep Pink Garlic Cloves Of Lautrec Wight.the Flavour Of Lautrec Is Smooth And Rich Rather Than Smoky, And The Texture Is Satisfyingly Creamy.bred To Thrive In Uk Conditions This ‘hard-neck’ Variety Gives You Guaranteed Harvests

Spring Planting Garlic Bulb Duo Pack

two Distinct Flavoursgood For Spring Plantingexcellent For The Uk Climateour Spring Planting Garlic Bulbs Duo Pack Consists Of One Pack Each Of Solent wight And Lautrec Receive Four Bulbs In Total For Around 30 Cloves To Plant. These Cloves In Turn Give You 30 Garlic Bulbs Which Store Well For A Continual Supply Over The

Elephant Garlic Cloves

a Rare Mammoth Garlic Typebeautiful Oven-roastedgrow In A Raised Bed Or Vegtrug this Garlic Type Is A Rare Mammoth Type That Produces A Generous Bulb Of Garlic. This Means That Instead Of Getting Lots Of Cloves, You Get One Mono-clove. It’s Perfect For Roasting In The Oven Where It Gets Soft And Enjoys A Rich, Deep

Elephant Garlic Cloves X6

big Bulbs That Produce Big Clovessweeter And Milder Than Smaller Garliceasy To Growthe Elephant Garlic Cloves Are Not A True Garlic And Are More Closely Related To The Leek. They Produce Big Bulbs Which In Turn Produce Big Cloves, Making Them A Fun Member Of The Allium Family.the Flavour Of The Elephant Garlic Is Milder

Picardy Wight Garlic Bulbs

great For The Uk Climatewith ‘hot’, Smoked Flavourgreat-value Bulbsthis Softneck Picardy Wight Garlic Bulbs Originally Came From The Province Of Picardy In Northern France And So Is Perhaps A Better Choice For Growing In Cooler, Wetter Conditions Than Varieties Sourced From Further South.consequently, This Garlic Will Grow Well Anywhere In The Uk. After Lifting Picardy

Autumn Planting Garlic Bulbs Duo Pack

This Autumn Planting Garlic Bulbs Duo Pack Consists Of:garlic Carcassonne Wight – produce A Superb Pink-cloved Hardneck Garlic With Good Skin Cover. It Has A Strong Flavour And An Exceptionally Fine Bouquet. In Trials It Was Arguably The Best Hardneck Variety, It Is Similar To The Spring Planting Solent Wight But Crops About A Month Earlier!garlic Provence

Tuscany Wight Garlic Bulbs

around 20 Cloves To Plant For 20 Bulbsreliable In Uk Climateused Extensively In French Cookingget Hold Of Garlic Tuscany Wight, A Deep-flavoured Variety Perfect For Planting In Spring In Free-draining Soil.big In Size And With Many Cloves, Typical Of Soft-neck Garlics, Tuscany Wight Garlic Bulbs Are High- Yielding, Producing Large White Bulbs To Harvest In

Garlic Bohemian Rose

Garlic Bohemian Rose Is An Autumn Planting Variety That Comes From The North Of Bohemia Near To Prague. The Slightly Purple Cloves Have A Creamy Appearance. Leaves Over A Metre High!a hardneck variety That Naturally Produces An Edible Flower Stalk Called A Scapes which Should Be Removed.they Are Delicious Stir Fried Or roasted.

Garlic Mikulov

Garlic Mikulov Produces Violet Coloured Bulbs With Approximately 6 Very Large Cloves. A ‘noble’ Flavoured Autumn Planting Garlic From The Beautiful Southern Moravian Town Of Mikulov.a hardneck  variety That Naturally Produces An Edible Flower Stalk Called A Scapes which Should Be Removed.they Are Delicious Stir Fried Or roasted.

Garlic Heritage Collection

Grow Bulbs Of Traditional Garlic, Much Loved And Highly Flavoured. Contains 2 Bulbs Each Of Red Duke, Mikulov And Caulk Wight For A Total Of Around 60 Plants.this Garlic Heritage Collection Contains Unusual And Delicious Varieties That Are Guaranteed To Add That Special Touch To Your Meals.garlic Red Duke Is a Beautiful Hardneck With Red Cloves.

Mersley Wight Garlic Bulbs

Enjoy The Rewarding Harvests Of Full-flavoured Large Garlics With Outstanding Vigour. Simply Plant Them Up In Free-draining Soil 6in (15cm) Apart And 1-2in (2-5cm) Deep And Leave Them Over Winter. Water From April And Expect Handsome Harvests From July.2 Full Bulbs Give Around 20 Cloves For Planting Which Produce 20 Full Bulbs In Summer The

Caulk Wight Garlic Bulbs

Expertly Selected To Give You Reliable And Attractive Purple-striped Garlic From As Early As June. Proven To Grow Particularly Well In The Uk, Caulk Survives Winter Temperatures Down To -20c° (-4°f) For Your Peace Of Mind.2 Full Bulbs Give Around 20 Cloves For Planting Which Produce 20 Full Bulbs In Summer The Following Year. That

Extra Early Wight Garlic Bulbs

easy To Plant In A Deep Container Or Direct In A Bedcopes Well Over Winter When You Plant Straight Awayperfect Sliced And Fried As Garlic Crisps extra Early Wight Is The Variety For You When You Want Garlics That Come Out Of The Ground Fresh As The Driven Snow, To Show Off Your Growing Prowess. It’s

Provence Wight Garlic Bulbs

A Vigorous, White Softneck Garlic That Produces Really Large, ‘sweet’ Bulbs. Originally From The Fertile Valleys Of Drome Region Of Provence, This Variety Has Proved To Grow Well In The Uk.the Fat, Juicy Cloves Are Perfect For Adding Some Mediterranean Flavour To Both Vegetable And Fish Dishes.plant From September Onwards. Once Lifted, Will Keep Until