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Tomato Seeds – Pannovy F1 Hybrid

Pannovy F1 Hybrid Is An Excellent Cordon-type Tomato. Vigorous And High Yielding It Will Produce An Abundance Of Smooth, Bright Red Fruit. Suitable For All Soil Types, The Early Cropping Pannovy F1 Hybrid Can Be Grown In The Greenhouse Or Outdoors.gro-sure Seeds Are Guaranteed To Give The Best Results For Your Garden. Gro-sure Seeds Have

Tomato (cherry Plum) Seeds – Tiger Stripe Mix

mixed Coloured Tomatoes With Striped Patterngrow In A Tall Cordon Habitchoose For Brightly Coloured Tomato Saladsa Cherry And Plum Tomato Mix. The Fruits Are Flushed With Stripes And Have A Tangy And Tart Flavour That Taste Delicious In Spicy And Sweet These Plants With A Cane And Grow Indoors And You Can Expect High

Tomato Seeds – Romello F1 Hybrid

highly Disease Resistantcrops Prolifically – Up To 5kg Per Plantfruits Are Delicious Sweetthis Variety Gives Superior Disease Resistance. This Patio Or Basket Cherry Plum Tomato Will Give You A Long Season Of Crops. Producing Up To A Massive 5kg Of Tomatoes Per Plant!delicious Sweet Fruits Hang From The Bush Which Tumbles Over Basket Edges Making

Tomato Gardening Delight X3 Plants

f1 Vigourlots Of Tomatoes From Every Plantdeliciously Scented Plants grow Tomato Gardening Delight For The Taste Of Heritage Favourite Gardener’s Delight But With Excellent Disease-resistance For Guaranteed Big Crops Of Salad Tomatoes Through The Summer.through Modern Breeding By The Experts Home-growers Like You Can Enjoy The Tangy Flavour Of Cocktail-sized Fruit (slightly Larger Than A Cherry