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Lettuce Cut And Come Again – Organic Seeds

A Fascinating Mixture Of Loose-leaf Lettuces, Including ‘reds’ And Oak-leaf Types. A Must For The Summer Salad Bowl, Simply Pick A Few Leaves Whenever Required.

Lettuce Tantan – Organic Seeds

Lettuce Tartan Is A Superb Organic, Little Gem Type Lettuce With Fantastic Disease And Pest Resistance To Mildew And Lettuce Aphid.this Variety Can Be Grown Wit Successional Sowings, Giving You Little Gem Lettuce All Summer Long. Fresh And Crisp, It’s An Ideal Lettuce To Add Into You Summer Salad. 

Lettuce Hilde Ii – Seeds

Produces Large Full Heads Of Superb Flavour.the Lime-green Leaves Are Deliciously Thick And Tender.very Versatile, It Can Be Sown Successionally To Crop Virtually All Summer And Autumn.

Lettuce Seeds – Rosedale

This New Variety Of Cos Lettuce Is Deliciously Sweet And Crunchy As You Would Expect. What Is Truly Unexpected Is The Unique Colour Of This Variety! Outer Leaves Are Dark Red In Colour And This Colour Is Carried All The Way Down The Tear-drop Shaped Leaves Which Have A Wavy Margin. Inner Leaves Are Paler

Lettuce Seeds – Spicy Baby Leaf

A Tasty Mix Of Hot, Cool And Refreshing Salad Leaves. Includes Pak Choi, Mizuna, Tatsol, Mustard And Cress. Really Easy To Grow In Containers And Great For Salads And Garnishes.sow Outdoorscreate A 2cm (3/4 In) Deep Row In The Soil. Water The Row Well Before Sowing. Sow Seeds Thinly In The Row And Cover The

Lettuce Seeds – Greenpick

Enjoy Sweet And Crispy Salads With This Loose-leafed Lettuce. With Attractive Light Green Serrated Leaves, You Can Grow In Pots & Containers Or In The Vegetable Plot. Pick As Individual Leaves As Required Or Cut As A Full Head.

Lettuce Strikeforce – Seeds

A Triple-red Lollo Rossa Type Lettuce. Dark Wine Red In Colour With Attractive, Frilly Margined Leaves. Harvest Whole Or Pick Leaves As Needed. With Great Mildew Resistance Strikeforce Is A Must For The Vegetable Patch.

Lettuce Lambs Trophy – Seeds

Trophy Is An Excellent Lambs Lettuce Also Know As Corn Salad Or Salad Mache.trophy Produces High Yields Right Throughout The Summer And Spring And Is Slow To Has Small Tear Shaped Leaves, Which Have A Soft Velvety Texture And A Unique Flavour.the Compact Size Of The Plants Make It Perfect For Growing In Containers.this

Lettuce Brilliantes – Seeds

A Really Attractive Lettuce With Great Tolerance To Has A Long Productive Period For Spring, Summer And Autumn Harvesting. Brillantes Is A High Yielding Variety That Grows On All Soil Types And Adds That Extra Bite And Texture To A Summer Salad.

Lettuce All The Year Round – Seeds

This Reliable Butterhead Lettuce Is Very Good For Successional Sowings To Ensure A Supply Of Sweet And Tender Heads Throughout The Summer Months.

Lettuce Can Can – Seeds

This Frilly Leaved Variety Has A Sweet Flavour And Crisp Texture. The Dense ‘heads’ Are Packed With Leaves, So A Few Can Be Picked As Required Without Harvesting The Whole Plant. Can Can Is Mildew-tolerant And Has Resistance To Disease, Making It Ideal For Gardeners Who Avoid Chemicals.

Lettuce Challenge – Seeds

With A Long Harvest Period It Has Excellent Disease Resistance And Is Slow To Run To Seed.having A Crisp And Crunchy Taste And Texture, Icebergs Store Well In The Refrigerator.challenge Is A Reliable Iceberg-type Lettuce.

Lettuce Lobjoits Green Cos – Seeds

In Many Ways Lobjoits Is A ‘golden Oldie’, But Gardeners Know It Is Still Worth Growing. It Produces Large, Dark Green, Upright Hearts With A Crunchy Texture And Good Flavour. A Favourite In The Summer Salad Bowl.sow Every 2-3 Weeks For A Succession All Summer Or Sow In Autumn Under Glass For Earliest Spring Crops.

Lettuce Winter Density – Seeds

A Firm Favourite For Many Years, This Variety Is Winter Hardy And Slow To Bolt. Versatile And Delicious, Winter Density Is Even Good Grown As A Summer Cropper.

Lettuce Klausia – Seeds

Double Red Lollo Rossa Type Lettuce With Attractive Shaped Leaves. this Mildew Resistant Variety Is A Must For The Vegetable Patch.harvest Whole Or Pick Leaves As Needed.

Lettuce Lamb’s Elan – Seeds

A Welcome Change From ‘normal’ Lettuce, This Delicious Vegetable Can Be Harvested All Year Round, But Is Particularly Useful If Autumn Sown To Produce Winter And Early Spring Crops. It Is Also Known As Corn Salad.