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Lobelia Seeds – Fountain White

This Gorgeous Variety Is Pure-white Which Offers A Vibrant Contrast With Other Colourful Annuals. Free-flowering These Won’t Disappoint As You’ll Have Masses Of Blooms From June Right Through To October. And No Need To Deadhead To Keep Them Blooming!the Epitome Of Summer, Lobelias Decorate Hanging Baskets And Containers All Over The’s How To Sow

Lobelia Seeds – Cambridge Blue

A Beautiful Dainty-flowered Lobelia Perfect In Pots And Spilling Over Hanging Baskets. This Variety Has A Flurry Of Flowers That Are A Dashing Duck-egg Blue, Looking Really Fresh Through The Summer’s How To Sow Seeds For Successful Germination…..1)      Fill A 6-9cm Pot Or Cell Tray With Seed Compost – Which Is Light And Contains