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Almost Black – Sweet Pea Seeds

Almost Black!  dark And Sultry, and sweetly Scentedthe Lovely Dark Flowers Are Smallish And Unwaved – More Like Antique Sweet Peas, Which Seems To Add To The Intensity Of Colour. They Appear Black Under Certain Light Conditions And The Colour Appears Especially Deep When You Contrast Them With Light Colours To Put In A Vase.sowing Seedsplace Canes

Candy – Sweet Pea Seeds

This Unusual Striped And Speckled, Chocolate Maroon, Has A Solid Picotee Edge.a Handsome Flower, Well Scented And Good For Cutting.sweet Pea Candy Is A Very Pretty Garden Variety.

Lovejoy – Sweet Pea Seeds

Sweet Pea Lovejoy Has Very Distinctive Deep Maroon Blooms, Strong And Unrivaled. A Vigorous Sweet Pea Which Reveals Many Four-flowered Sprays Of True Frilled Flowers.a Sweet Pea Strongly Recommended For Gardens And Cutting For Vases.sowing Seedsplace Canes Or A Trellis Above Where You Want To Sow Your Sweet Peas. Your Seed Pack Will Tell You