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Callitriche Stagnalis – 5x Young Pond Plants

British-native Wild Submerged Plant. Excellent For Oxygenating And Maintaining A Clean Healthy Pond And A Protected Environment For Fish. Flowers In Summer.plant Spread 10-50cm / 4-20in.planting Depth 15-60cm / 6in-2ft.

Eleocharis Acicularis – 1l Potted Pond Plant

This Useful Plant Favours Clay And Silt Bottoms. It Is A Good Nitrate Remover, Essential For The Preventative Treatment Of Blanket Weed And Algae.also Known As Needle Spike Rush.planting Depth 0-60cm / 0-23in.

Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis – 1l Potted Pond Plant

Forms A Carpet At The Bottom Of The Pond Which Makes If The Perfect Oxygenator For Your Pond.  Grows Well Even In The Shallowest Of Ponds.also Known As Brazilian Micro Sword.planting Depth 0-60cm / 0-2ft.

Myriophyllum Spicatum Oxygenating Pond Plant

This Hard-working Aquatic Remains Underwater Releasing All-important Oxygen For A Wild Range Of Pondlife. It Can Grow In Water 3m (10ft) Deep But Is Best Introduced To Shallower Water To Establish Gradually.delivered To You As A Bunch, Simply Place Into Ponds Where They Will Provide Shelter For Pondlife Such As Fish And Amphibians And A