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Pansy ‘rhubarb & Custard’ – Bedding Plants

unique Rich Colours And Pattern On Every Flowermakes Four Hanging Baskets Full Of Winter And Spring Flowers24 Plants Arrive To You In Protective Packperfect At The Front Of Flower Beds Too the Flowers Of Your Rhubarb & Custard Mix Reveal The Most Beautiful Petals In Varying Shades Of Deep Forest-fruit Red And Lemon Yellow. Every Plant

Pansy ‘berries And Cream Mix’ – Bedding Plants

Top Performing Pansy Variety That Spreads Freely For Eye-catching Container Displays From Late Winter To Early Summer. Large Flowers Are Held Over Strong Disease-resistant Leaves.deadhead Individual Blooms As They Wither. This Will Encourage Pansy Plants To Produce Further Blooms For A Longer Flowering Season As Will Delay Plants Going To Seed. supplied To You In 24