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Parsnip Improved Hollow Crowned – Seeds

Parsnips Are So Versatile, And Deserve To Be More Popular. This Reliable Variety Produces Large, Tapering Roots Of Good Skin And Flesh Quality. Delicious Par-boiled And Roasted, And A Wonderful Ingredient For Warming Winter Casseroles And Home-made Soups.

Parsnip Gladiator – Seeds

Gladiator Is An Excellent All Round Performer – Strong Growing With Smooth White Skin, Long Tapering Roots And Natural Resistance To Canker Too.excellent Internal Quality And Fine Flavour To Give A Parsnip Of Outstanding Worth For The Kitchen Or On The Showbench.

Parsnip Seeds – Pacific

This Wonderful New Variety Of Parsnip Allows You To Enjoy Home Grown Parsnips For More Of The Year. Its Earlier Sowing Window Gives An Earlier Crop Meaning You Can Be Eating Delicious Parsnip From The Garden During The Summer Months. The Well-filled Roots Are A Fantastic White Colour And Have An Exceptional Flavour.

Parsnip Javelin – Seeds

Javelin Produces High Yields Of Long Slender Has Fantastic Flavour Making It Perfect For Roasted Parsnips.its Shallow Crowns Make It Easy To Wash, Presenting Its Sumptuous Light Cream Skin Colour. The Long Cropping Period Mean That You Can Have Parsnips All The Way Through Winter And Right Into Late Spring.if You Love Parsnip This

Parsnip White Spear – Seeds

This Delicious Variety Of Parsnip Is High Yielding With Smooth White Skin. The Large Roots Are Delicious Roasted Or Added To Winter Casseroles And Have A Wonderful Flavour.

Parsnip White Gem – Seeds

This Short Rooted, Broad Shouldered Variety Is Just The Job For Shallow Soils. It Is A High Yielder, And The Roots Are Delicious Roasted Or Added To Winter Casseroles.