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Growing Success Prune & Seal

Seals Pruning Wounds From Harmful Bacteria, Disease, Frost And Other External Factors. Built-in Brush Applicator Makes Easy Application. 100% Natural.great For Using When You Have Pruned Your Prize Garden Shrubs And Trees In The Autumn And Revealed Large Prune Cuts.use On A Dry Day And When There Is No Risk Of Upcoming Frost. Squeeze The

Baby Victorian Bell Cloche

with Roof Ventilationpre-set Holes For Pinning To The Soilenjoy A Greenhouse Environment For Small Plantsreuse And Recycle Year-roundbaby-bell Jars Ideal For Bedding Flowers protection From Weather And Protection From Garden Pests.hark Back To Reminiscent Victorian-era Glass Gardening With This Pack Of Three Bell Jars; Equally Effective In Warming Up The Soil For Earlier Crops, Protecting Your

Original Victorian Bell Cloche

creates A Beneficial Greenhouse Environmentwith Added Roof-ventpre-set Holes For Pinning To The Soilreuse Again And Againideal For Brassicas Like Cabbageprotection From Weather And Protection From Garden Pests.just Like The Glass Cloches Of The Victorian Era This Great-value Pack Of Three Bell-jar Cloches Is Just As Effective In Warming Up The Soil For Earlier Planting And

Tree Mats 40cm

generous 40cm (16in) Diameterstops Weeds Growing Around The Treekeeps Soil Warm Around The Tree Rootsno Need To Trim Grass Around Vulnerable Stem take Advantage Of These Natural-look Mats, Perfect For Fitting Around The Base Of Tree Trunk Of Recently-planted Trees. The Mats Act As A Warming Weed-barrier, Excellent For New Root Growth. The Roots Respond Better

Split Bamboo Screen 3m

divide Your Garden Into Sections With Easemake Boundaries And Enclosures In Minutesfilters Out Noise Pollutionthis Metre-high Split Bamboo Screen Is A Strong And Durable Natural Means To Separating Parts Of Your Garden Or Putting Up A Divider To Screen Out Noise And Provide Privacy.if You Need An Economical Way Of Creating Perimeter Fences Around Your

Tomato Tube

grow Greenhouse Tomatoes Without A Greenhouseperfect For Patios And Balconiesaeration Holes Includedtie Wires Includeduse Tomato Tubes For Home-grown Tomato Plants To Give Them An Ideal Environment Even When You Don’t Have A Greenhouse. Your 2m (6 ½ Ft) Long Tubes Pop Over Tomato Planters Around 30cm (12in) In Diameter. Made From Polythene And Dotted With

13mm Chicken Wire

easy To Cut With Pliers To Sizefor Temporary Or Permanent Enclosureseffective Plant Supportsthis Chicken Wire Is So Handy For The Busy Gardener. This Shrink-wrapped Roll Offers 4m In Length Which You Can Use For Many A Task In The Garden For Dividing Flower Beds, Providing Protection To Your Favourite Plants And Creating Quick And Easy

Micromesh Barrier – Pest And Wind Control

protect Both Your Flowers And Cropseasy-to-construct Barrier keep Pests Off And Bad Weather Outget Hold Of Haxnicks Micromesh Pest And Wind Barrier; This Dual-function Solution To Protecting Your Well-deserved Fruit And Vegetable Harvests.having A 0.6mm Mesh Thickness This Barrier Keeps Pests Of All Sizes, From Insects To Larger Mammals, Off Your Favourite Flowers And Home-grown Produce,

Raised Bed Pest Protection Micromesh Cover

Specifically Designed For The Raised Bed Growing System And Fits Neatly Over Your Raised Bed Frame. Ultra-fine Mesh Cover Protects Crops And Flowering Plants From Foliage-attacking And Fruit Eating Aphids, Birds, Carrot-fly And Animals.easy To Set-up And Remove As You Need To, The Fine Mesh Keeps Pests Off But Still Allows Sufficient Air To Get

Cage Starter Kit 4ft X 4ft

keep Garden Pests Off Your Fruit And Vegetableswithstands All British Weatherall Parts In One Kitif You Want To Safeguard Your Well-earned Harvests From Garden Pests This Is The Kit For You. Easy-construct Kit You Can Assemble Around An Up To 1.2 X 1.2m (4 X 4ft) Area On Your Vegetable Patch.the Cage-construction Is 0.9m (3ft)

Cage Starter Kit 6ft X 6ft

This Comprehensive Assembly-kit Forms A Cage Around A Generous 1.8 X 1.8m (6 X 6ft) Area – Perfect If You’re Growing Soft-fruit Plants From Strawberries To Blueberries And You Want To Protect Them From Hungry Birds And Mammals Like Grey Squirrels. This Cage Starter Kit Provides Excellent Protection To Patio Fruit Trees Too When They

Walk In Cage Starter Kit 6ft X 12ft

protect Crops From Birds And Pestsperfect For Fruit Trees And Soft Fruit Shrubsstrong 18mm Black Netting Whilst The Roofs Are Lighter Weight Green Knitted Netting.supplied As A Complete Kit Including Aluminium Tubes, Uv-stabilised Polypropylene Molded Plastic Connectors, Netting And Pegsall Walk In Fruit Cages Also Include A Door To Allow For Easy Access To Your

Double Cold Frame

A Cold Frame Has Many Uses – It Creates A Microclimate That Gives Shelter From Wind And Several Degrees Of Extra Warmth- It Can Be Used To raise Seedlings, over Winter Young Plants and harden Off Plants Before Planting.these Superb Uk Made, Robust, Rot And Rust Free cold Frames are Made With Aluminium Frames And Clear Double-skinned Shatterproof Polycarbonate Glazing. Supplied Flat