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Plum Twin Tree – Shropshire Plum Damson & Oullins Golden Gage

two Fantastic Agm Varietiespollinate Each Other For More Fruitingattractive Blossoms In Springadd This Perfect Pair Of Plum Trees To Your Garden. They Work Particularly Well In Containers And Make The Perfect Duo, For They Ripen Together In Late Summer And In Early Autumn.the Plum Blossoms Appear In Early Spring To Mid Spring Which Gives Visual

Plum Tree ‘victoria’ 9l

Victoria Plums Trees Are The Most Well Known And Popular English Plum Variety. Their Popularity Comes From Them Reliably Producing A Heavy Crop Of Superbly Sweet, Juicy Versatile plums; Perfect For Pies, Puddings Jams Or Eating Fresh From The Tree.victoria Plums Are Self-fertile And Great At Pollinating A Number Of Other Varieties. Their Medium, Egg-shaped, Deep

Plum Twin Tree – Shropshire & Victoria

A Fantastic Family Plum Tree – Expertly Bred To Produce Two Varieties Of Succulent, Juicy Plums To Grow From Just One Tree!in The World Of Fruit Trees, This Is Great As The Two Neighbouring Varieties Help Each Other Out In Producing Compatible Flowers That Turn Into Masses Of Delicious Fruit.the Two Plum Varieties That Will

Patio Plum Tree – Shropshire Prune Damson X1

A Classic Culinary Damson That Is Perfect For Jams And Cake Making. A Heritage English Variety That Performs Better Than Most In Cold Damp Weather. Self Fertile Variety.perfect For The Damp British Weather, This Classic Variety Is Perfect For Culinary Uses, It Makes Great Jam.this Popular And Tasty Variety Is Self-fertile (sf) So It Flowers

Plum Tree – Mirabelle De Nancy X1

Sweet Yellow Plums That Crop Prolifically. Prune Fruited Stems After Harvests To Maintain A Healthy And Attractive Tree. They Are Greatly Prized For Their Superb Flavour, They Are Delicious Eaten Directly From The Tree Or Used In Cooking.the Fruits Are Incredibly Sweet And Also Tangy, They Have A Slight Taste Of Honey. They Are Excellent

Damson Merryweather – Tree

self-fertile For Guaranteed Plumsheavy Croppingfruits Within Three Years Of Plantingenjoy Growing Damson Merryweather In Your Garden For A Tree Full Of Fruit Every August. The Branches Are Packed With Purple Fruit With A Charming And Attractive Bloom On The Skin. they Are Delicious Eaten Straight Off The Tree Or Brought Into The Kitchen To Prepare For

Old Fashioned Greengage – Tree

royal Horticultural Society Award Of Garden Meritcolour-changing Fruit As They Ripenself-fertile For Guaranteed Harvestscarry On The British Tradition Of Growing Delicious Greengages Praised For Their Sweetness And Thirst-quenching Juiciness.even In Isolation Your Greengage Tree Is Sure To Produce Fruit Thanks To Its Self-fertile Nature. This Means There Need Be No Other Greengage Tree In The