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Katcha Pond Protectors

Katcha Pond Protectors Are An Anti-cat And Anti-heron Pondfish Protection Solution. 10 Pieces Slot Together Easily To Cover A 1 Square Metre (square Foot) Area Of Your Pond. Multiple Packs Slot Together Easily To Fit The Size Of Your Pond.the Pieces Are Subtle So Don’t Affect The Overall Design Of The Pond, Yet Fully Effective

Aquamidas Fresha Tank

Perfect For Water Butts, Fish Tanks And Ponds Freshatank Is The Perfect Solution To Destroy Bad Microbes. You Simply Place The Fresha Tank Disc Into The Water And The Strong Action Of The 99% Pure Industrial Silver Destroys Fungal, Viral, Bacterial Micro-organisms And Parasites In The Reproductive Need To Replacedoes Not Harm Beneficial Bacteria

Blagdon Pond Balance

controlled Treatmentharmless To Aquatic Animals Including Fishno Need For Manual Handlingget Your Pond Clear Again And Enjoy Watching Your Pond Life Once Again. A Pond Makes A Happy Mini Ecosystem In Your Garden That’s A Joy To Watch And Listen Too If You Have Bubbling Fountains Or Mini Waterfalls. blagdon Pond Balance Changes The Water Chemistry

Blagdon Fish Aid – All In One Treatment

treats Fungal, Bacterial And Parasitic Infectionsafe On All Fish And Pond Wildlifeharmless To Water Features And Pond Filters.just One 25ml Cap Will Treat 250 Gallons Of Pond Waterstop Your Fish Acquiring Common Fungus And Bacterial Problems That Can Easily Occur In Any Pond. Many Fish Are Susceptible To Common Parasites And Bacterial Infections Causing Them

Corinthian Plant Bowl – Instant Pond

Decorative Corinthian-style Bowl Which Is Large Strong And Substantial, And With No Drainage Holes Makes An Ideal Water Feature When Filled With Lovely Aquatic Plants. 60cm (24in) In Diameter And Weighing 4.8kg (10 ½ Lb) This Classic-style Bowl Is Large Yet Light So You Can Choose Where It Will Look Right In Your Garden

Blagdon Water Quality – Complete Pond Dip Test Kit

Regular Checks Of Your Pond Water Should Be Part Of Your Pond Maintenance Routine.  Bad Water Quality Will Affect The Health Of Your Pond And Is The Cause Of Many Pond And Fish Problems.  Water Quality Problems Are The Most Common Cause Of Fish Stress And Disease And Can Be Avoided By Carrying Out Regular

Crocodile Head Pond Protector

includes Anti-drift Anchormenacing, Reflective Eyesuv Light Resistant a Fun Yet Effective Deterrent To Cats And Herons. This Crocodile Head With Reflective Eyes Simply Floats Atop Your Pond And Moves With The Breeze. The Animated Head With Sun-catching Eyes Works To Keep Cats On Guard As The Head Looks Menacingly Around. With Anti-drift Anchor You Have The

Nature’s Clay 1kg

improves Water Healthgives Fish A Good Appetiteeasy To Use pour Some Pond-friendly Clay Into Your Pond And Help Keep The Scales And Fins Of Pond Fish Shining, Vibrant And Healthy. The Clay Rids The Toxins In Your Pond Water, Absorbing Water Impurities And Correcting Water Inbalances. Comprising 78 Minerals The Clay Helps Give Fish A Healthy

Pond Flakes Fish Food Tub 5l

complete Food Staplelightweight Flakessealable Tuba Good Staple-diet Fish Food, Flaked For Easy And Light Carrying To Take Care Of All Your Favourite Pond Fish Including Goldfish, Orfes, Shubunkins And Prize Koi. This Is The Perfect Complete Food For Beginner Carers Of Fish And Fish Rearers. Feeding Instructions As Stated Below And Given On The Tub.high

Mixed Pond Sticks Fish Food Tub 5l

complete Food Stapleprotein-rich For Healthy Bones And Musclessealable Tubin Mouth-size Pellets This Complete Fish Food Takes Care Of All Your Prize Pond Fish Including Koi Carp, Goldfish, Orfes And Shubunkins. This Is An Ideal Complete Food For Beginner Fish Rearers. Feeding Instructions As Stated Below.high In Bone And Muscle-building Protein 18%, And With Crude Fats

Super Natural Koi Food Tub 2kg

full Of Protein-rich Ingredientsencourage Shiny Scales And Protective Slime Layerno Artificial Colours Or Preservativessuper Natural Treat Mix Gives You 6mm Floating Pellets That Are A Real Treat To Prize Pond Fish Like Koi And Goldfish. The Pellets Contain No Fishmeal; This Has Been Replaced With A Mixture Of Natural Insects And Crustaceans. Silkworm Pupae Is

Nature’s Grub Koi Wheatgerm Pellets Tub 5l

complete Fish Food In Easy-feed Pelletsfortified With Vitaminstight-seal Container treat Your Favourite Pond Fish To This Specially-formulated Soya And Wheatgerm-based Pelleted Feed. It’s A Complete Fish Food, Meaning It Provides Fish With All The Nutrients They Need Just From These Pellets Alone. High In Protein And With Essential Fats And Oils These Pellets Are Good For

Blagdon Water Quality – Ph Adjuster For Alkaline Ponds

Crystal-powder Remedy You Simply Add To You Pond To Adjust And Rectify The Ph Level Of Your Pond Water When It Has Proved To Be Too Alkaline From Testing With Ph Level Testing Kityou Receive:250g Crystal Powder1 X Scoopbasic Instructions – Full Instructions Within Pack (and Remedy Suggestions)test Pond Wateradd Recommended Dosagetest Pond Water Again

Blagdon Water Quality – Ph Adjuster For Acid Ponds

Powder Remedy To Correct The Ph Level Of Your Pond And Neutralise It When It Has Proved To Be Too High In Acid Which Can Leave Your Fish Sluggish And Vulnerable To Pond Receive:270g Crystal Powder1x Scoopbasic Instructions – Full Instructions Within Pack (and Remedy Suggestions)test Pond Wateradd Recommended Dosagetest Pond Water Again After

Blagdon Water Quality – Bio Start

Powder Remedy To Kick-start Your Pond With A Thriving And Healthy Population Of Good Bacteria So It Looks After Itself In Maintaining Healthy Pond Water With Healthy Levels Of Oxygen.establish A New Pond With Or Without A Filter With Bio Start Pond Natural Refresher, Or Kick-start The New Spring Season After The Pond’s Dormant Winter

Blagdon Water Quality – Ammonia Remover

Liquid Solution To Remove Ammonia, The Raw Waste Excreted By Fish And Produced As A By-product To Decomposing Dead Plants And Organic Matter Within The Pond.ammonia Is Very Dangerous To Fish And Will Kill Fish Is Levels Are Too High And Ammonia Is Not Removed.instructions we Recommend You Test The Level Of Ammonia In Your

Blagdon Wildlife Pond – Tap Safe

Liquid Solution Specially Formulated To Rid Chlorine And Heavy Metal Toxicity. Protects The Soft Skins Of Pond Wildlife Like Amphibians And Larvae Of Aquatic Acting Solution That Treats 2273 Litres (500 Gallons) Or A 6x6x2ft Pond. Distribute Dose Evenly Around The Surface Of The Pond.we Recommend That You Use Wildlife Pond Tap Safe Once

Blagdon Dirty Pond – Sludge Buster

Reduces Messy Filter Cleaning, Pond Silt And Water-clouding And Helps With Ponds With Low Oxygen Levels, Recognised By Sluggish And Gasping Fish. Reduces Messy Pond Maintenance And Harmful Waste.we Recommend You Use When Your Pond Water Is Cloudy Or Has Heavy Waste Deposits Seen At The Bottom Of Ponds.use After You Have Treated Ponds Against

Blagdon Dirty Pond – Wildlife Bioactive Sludge Control

Keep Your Wildlife Pond An Aquatic Haven For Pest-eating Amphibians And Beneficial Insects. This Sludge-eliminator Is Specially Adapted For Wildlife Ponds And Prevents Water From Clouding Up. Based On A Culture Of Beneficial Bacteria Which Encourages The Removal Of Sludge.we Recommend You Use When Your Pond Water Is Cloudy Or Has Heavy Waste Deposits Seen

Blagdon Pond Guardian Tonic Salt

Crystal-powder Salt Tonic To Relieve Stress To Your Fish. Help Safe Guard Your Pond Fish During Seasonal Temperature Changes And Use As A Winter Preventative To Bolster Your Fishes’ Immune System.the Salt Formula Buffers The Effects Of Extreme Acid/alkaline Levels And Maintains An On-going Level Of Neutrality. Based On 4 Major Salts Essential For The