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Water Lily -nymphaea Attraction 30ltr Pot Plant

Large-flowered Water Lilyattraction Is A Beautiful Large-flowered Water Lily That Will Stud Your Pond With Flowers All Summer. It Is Ideal For A Medium To Large Pond.supplied As A Well-established Mature Plant. Water Lilies Will Provide Glorious Flowers Plus Shade And Shelter For Pond Life. The Beauty Of This Enormous Plant Is That It Is

Water Lily -nympaea Colarado 30ltr Pot Plant

Nymphaea Colarado Is A Medium-sized Water Lily With Catus Shaped Flowers Of Vibrant Salmon Pink. Colarado Is An Excellent Selection For Medium And Large Ponds And Is A Prized Variety. The Beautiful Flowers, With A Hot Yellow Centre, Stand Elegantly Above The Water And Continue To Flower A Full Month After Most Lilies Have Stopped.

Aponogeton Distachyos – Water Hawthorn – 3ltr Pot Plant

Introduce This Water Hawthorn To Ponds For Waterlily-like Leaves And Heavily-scented Flowers Appearing From Summer And Into Autumn.this Plant Makes A Great Alternative To Waterlilies. The Leaves That Float On The Surface Provide Shelter For Aquatic Wildlife Like Fish And Frogs And Cover Bare Patches In Parts Of The Ponds.flower Stems Appear From Summer And

Lysimachia Nummularia Aurea 1ltr Potted Pond Plant

Excellent For Ground-cover And Blending In The Edge Of A Pond As It Will Grow On Dry Ground And Can Float Across The Surface Of The Water. It Will Also Hang Gracefully From Raised Pond Edges.  This Plant Can Be Trimmed As Required At Any Time During The Growing Season.this Is A Lovely Perennial Spreading

Zantedeschia Aethiopica ‘crowborough’ 1ltr Potted Pond Plant

Stunning Variety With Glossy Arrow-shaped Leaves And Large White Flowers In Summer That Look Like White Candle-flames With A Yellow Spathe (central Structure Within The Flower). Feature Often At The Rhs Chelsea Flower Show.these Easy-care Aquatic Plants Are So Sophisticated And Don’t Look Out Of Place In A Water Garden At The Rhs Chelsea Flower

Anemopsis Californica 1ltr Potted Pond Plant

Known As ‘apache Beads’ This Variety Has Beautiful White, Scented Flowers And Broad, Dark-green Has An Interesting Origin In Central America; It Used To Be Sold In Mexico’s Markets To Ward Off Malaria And Other Diseases. Nowadays, The Flowers And Leaves Can Be Dried For Easy-care Perennial, Little Maintenance Is Required.  Simply Trim

Pond Plant Collection 1×6

This Excellent-value And Full Collection Of Gorgeous Perennial Pond Plants Which Provide Beautiful Year-on-year Aquatic Flowers. includes 1x 1 Litre Plant Each Of:myositis Scorpioides (water Forget-me-not)an Attractive Pondside Perennial, Putting Up A Mass Of Dainty Pastel-coloured Flowers In Early Summer. has Deciduous Foliage.iris Pseudacorus (native Yellow Flag)native To The Uk And So The Perfect Pond Plant For

Typha Angustifolia – 1l Potted Pond Plant

Perfect In Large Ponds And Creates Large Stands Of Bulrushes That Will Provide Valuable Cover For Wildlife And Filling Unsightly Gaps Around Your Pond Edges.also Known As Reedmace, Narrowleaf Cattail, Lesser Bulrush.planting Depth 3-30cm / 1-12in.

Veronica Beccabunga – 1l Potted Pond Plant

An Excellent Fast-growing Evergreen Which Makes A Useful Edging Plant Producing Small Blue Flowers With A White Centre. Frost-hardy For Winter Interest To The Pond.also Known As Brooklime And European Speedwell.planting Depth 0-10cm / 0-4in.

Lychnis Flos Cuculi ‘terry’s Pink’ 3ltr Potted Pond Plant

A More Compact Version Of Common ‘ragged Robin’. A Lovely Pondside Wildflower With Masses Of Star Shaped Blooms. 

Oenanthe Javanica ‘flamingo’ – 1l Potted Pond Plant

quick To Establishattractive And Uk Hardyeffective Ground-coverproviding Vibrant Colour To Your Pond From As Early As March. The Attractively Cut Leaves Are Made Up Of Vibrant Colours In Green, White And Pink. The Pink Edges Are What Gives This Variety Its Name ‘flamingo’.through The Summer Season This Plant Will Produces Beautiful Fragrant And Delicate White

Lythrum Salicaria 3ltr Potted Pond Plant

This Attractive Perennial Plants Puts Up Tall Stems Of Purple Flowers That Are A Lure To Beneficial Insects As Well As Adding Colour To Ponds And Flowerbeds Alike.plant Plugs In May By The Side Of Ponds Where They Will Appreciate Damp, Boggy Soil In A Sunny Site And You Will See Stems Of Purple Flowers

Houttuynia Cordata ‘chameleon’ – 1l Potted Pond Plant

The Leaves On This Plant Are Vibrant And Colourful, Especially When Planted In A Bright Sunny Spot. They Are An Attractive Combination Of Green And Yellow With Dazzling Red Edges. The Leaves Are Still Colourful When Planted In The Shade; They Provide Different Markings Though To Plants Positioned In The Sun.between June And August This

Mentha Aquatica (water Mint) 3ltr Potted Pond Plant

Water Mint Provides Scent And Colour In Summer And Autumn To Your Pond, Makes Great Shelter For Frogs And Toads And Flowers For Pollinating Insects.a Pond Plant That Produces Both An Abundance Of Flowers And Scented Leaves. Water Mint Is Great For A Sea Of Green Leaves That Are Strongly Aromatic. What’s More, Insects Will

Myosotis Scorpioides – Water Forget-me-not 3ltr Potted Pond Plant

An Attractive Pondside Perennial, Putting Up A Mass Of Dainty Pastel-coloured Flowers In Early Summer.plant Young Forget-me-not Plants In Late Spring In Boggy Soils By The Pond In Full Sun Or Partial Shade And Enjoy The Free-branching Dainty Flowers That Come Up In Summer. Bees And Other Insects Will Enjoy The Flowers As Much As

Pontederia Cordata 3ltr Potted Pond Plant

A Robust Aquatic Plant Which Puts Up Dramatic Heart-shaped Leaves On Tall Stalks Giving Ponds A Tropical Feel. Bottle-brush Blue-purple Flowers Appear In Summer And Autumn Attracting An Array Of Insects.grow Young Plants Of Pontederia Cordata In Spring In Boggy Conditions By The Pond, Preferably In Full Sun. Tropical-looking Heart-shaped Leaves Unfurl Followed By Tall

Anagallis Tenella – 1ltr Potted Pond Plant

Add The Prettiest Little Flowers To The Edge Of Your Garden Pond And See Those Flowers Return In Larger Number Every Year. Native To The Uk This Sun-loving Mat-forming Plant Keeps Giving And The Fairy-like Flowers Attract Beneficial Wildlife To Your Garden Your Plants Arriveyou Receive Our Plant As A 1 Litre Potted Specimen

Water Lily -nymphaea Almost Black 30ltr Pot Plant

Ready Planted And Hassle Free!the Nymphaea Almost Black Is A Medium-sized Hybrid Water Lily With Deep Red Petals And A Darker Centre. Almost Black, As Its Name Suggests Is One Of The darkest Red water Lilies; Its spectacular Flowers look Their Best In Cool Conditions. This Water Lily Is Most Suitable For A Medium Or A Large Pond.supplied As

Geum Rivale 3ltr Potted Pond Plant

This Prolific Flowering Plant Produces Delicate Nodding Bell-shaped Pinkie-red Flowers Continuously From May Through To September. A Great Magnet For Beneficial Pollinating Insects. 

Butomus Umbellatus 1ltr Potted Pond Plant

Pretty Pink Flowers In Umbrella-like Umbels Rise Above The Long Slim Leaves Which Turn From Red To Dark Green As They Mature. Trim Just Above The Water Surface After Foliage Has Died Back In Autumn To Keep Tidy.planting Depth 0-25cm/10in