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Potted Rose – Alpine Sunset 3.5l

fantastic Fragrancegreat In The Garden And The Homewith Contrasting Evergreen Leaveslarge, Peachy-melba Yellow And Flushed Pink Blooms Which Flower Again And Again. On This Hybrid Tea Variety Every Flower Is Full-shaped And Fantastically Fragrant – A Joy For The Senses. Every Flower Is Sturdy, Held On Strong Necks Which Also Makes Alpine Sunset Ideal For

Potted Rose – English Princess 3.5l

many-flowering Clusterscan Be Grown As A Natural Hedgeflowers Summer And Into Autumn add Floribunda (clustering) Rose English Princess To Your Own Outdoor Space On Account Of Its Super Fragrance And Complementing Glossy Green Leaves – A Delight To Your Eyes And Nose Alike. Every Bloom Has Shell-like Pink Petals With A Blush Of Yellow On The