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Potted Rhubarb Plant – Pink Blossom X1

A New Rhubarb Variety Which Is Both Ornamental And Productive. Grow Your Rhubarb Plant In A Square Metre (yard) Area And Watch Your Plants Produce Feathery Spikes Of Pink Flowers And Sweet Tasty Stalks.the Leaves Grow Large And Wavy And Make A Great Architectural Plant When You Want To Create Both A Visually Impressive Garden

Potted Rhubarb Plant – Apple Delight X1

A Rhubarb Variety Selected For Its Truly Sweet Fruity Flavour, Grow This Weather-resistant Variety In Any Climate. It’s Disease Resistance Too So You’re In For A Good Harvest Of Long, Flavoursome Stalks. receiving Your 9cm Pot Plantchoose A Sunny, Open Site And Incorporate A Generous Layer Of Bulky Compost Into The Soil. Dig A Hole So

Rhubarb ‘rosenhagen’

Rhubarb Rosenhagen Is An Old Variety Which Has Been Recently Reintroduced Due To Its Essential Health Qualities.rhubarb Rosenhagen Contains Up To Three Times Less Oxalic Acid. Oxalic Acid Can Attack Calcium In The Body. This Makes The Variety An Ideal Rhubarb To Feed To Children, While The Low Acid Levels Also Cause Less Chance Of

Rhubarb – Goliath

Grow Your Own Succulent Goliath Rhubarb For The Most Delicious Pies, Crumbles And Preserves! Goliath Is A Superb Mid-late Variety Producing An Exceptionally High Yield Of Delicious Thick Green Stalks – Up To 5kg Per Crown When Mature!goliath is A Perfect Variety For Forcing, Producing The Sweetest Blood Red Stems From Mid-january Onwards When There Is

Rhubarb Plant – Victoria – 3x Crowns

great Forcing Varietystring-free Stalksexcellent For Pies And Preserves.get Hold Of Rhubarb Victoria For Your Own Plot. It’s A Hardy And Trusted Variety Loved By Home-growers Through The Ages.victoria Rhubarb Is One Of The Easiest Varieties To Grow And Ready To Pick A Bit Later Than Stockbridge Arrow.we Recommend You Force The Stalks Over Winter For

Rhubarb Plant – Stockbridge Arrow – 3x Crown

Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb Is A Superb Modern Variety That Has Now Become Recognised As The Quality Rhubarb.once Established, Each Crown Will Produce Up To 6lb Of Sticks In A Season. These Can Grow up To 2ft In Length when Forced.the Sticks Are Red Throughout The Whole Length And Are Especially Tender, Fine Tasting And String-less When Forced.

Rhubarb Plant Crown – Trio Pack Victoria, Stockbridge Arrow & Champagne

The Rhubarb Trio Crown Pack Contains One Crown Each Of: Rhubarb Victoria, Stockbridge Arrow And Champagne. The Perfect Complete Culinary Collection; Here Is A Variety For Munching On Straight From The Plant, A Variety For Crumbles And A Variety For Jams.rhubarb Victoria:one Of The Easiest Varieties To Grow And Ready To Pick A Bit Later

Rhubarb Crowns – Timperley Early X2

This Variety Is The Perfect Ingredient For So Many Delicious Desserts. Loved By Our Growers, We Believe It’s One Of The Best For Stewing And For Pies, Crumbles And Preserves.imagine Tucking Into A Rhubarb Crumble To Finish A Meal And Fill You With A Warming Glow. This Rhubarb Variety Is The Star Ingredient For That

Rhubarb Plant – Champagne – 3x Crown

architectural Leavesevery Plant From Superior Stockornamental And Productivegrow Rhubarb Champagne In Your Own Garden For A Tasty Crop To Harvest In Springtime And Ornamental Large Leaves While The Rhubarb Is Growing.we Offer Individually-inspected And Graded Two-year-old Crowns That Have Been Grown From Certified Seed So You Can Enjoy Rhubarbs From Superior Stock.the Leaves Act As