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Belle De Fontenay Seed Potatoes

delicious Potato scent And Texture stores Wellversatile Variety In The Kitchenenjoy The Delicious Taste Of This Exciting Potato Variety And The Smell Too. That Unique Scent And Flavour Of Home-grown Potatoes Is Unbeatable And You Can Grow The Variety belle De Fontenay Happily In Sacks Too If Space Is Tight On Your Plot. having Been put To The Test

Pink Fir Apple Seed Potatoes

the King Of Salad Potatoeshome Grower’s Favouritehigh In Antioxidantspotato Pink Fir Apple Is The Salad Potato We Recommend To You For Harvesting From Summer. It’s A Favourite With home Cooks as It Has An Excellent Flavour And Texture Despite Its Knobbly Appearance Which We Believe Adds To Its Produces Long Thin Potatoes For The Picking In

Juliette Seed Potatoes

disease-freeharvest In Large Numbersprize Salad Potatochoose The Charming-sounding And Even Better-tasting Juliette, giving Creamy, Long Oval potatoes Have A Superb Flavour Eaten When Warm From Steaming Or Boilingwe believe they Are A taste Sensation In A Potato Salad Flavoured With Mayonnaise And A Few Freshly Chopper Chives.look Forward To Lots Of Potatoes From Every Potato Plant. This Variety Is Particularly

International Kidney Seed Potatoes

avoid Spending At The Supermarketready For As Early As Maygrow In Beds Or Bagsgrow The Best-tasting Salad Potatoes At Home With International Kidney Seed Potatoes And save Yourself From lugging Heavy Shopping Bags By Having Your Potatoes In Your Garden Instead Of Getting Them at The Shops.this Premium Early Salad Variety Has A Wonderfully Distinctive Flavour, Especially When

Charlotte Seed Potatoes

disease-resistant For Promising Resultsgreat For Growing, Better For Tastingloved By Home-growers And Top Chefsgrow Potato Charlotte On Your Own Plot To Give You Lots Of Dependable Potatoes Which Are Resistant To Blight Resistant For Promising Results. They Are Easy To Chop In The Kitchen With Their Long-oval Structure And They Have The Added Bonus Of