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Popcorn Robust – Seeds

Grow Your Own Delicious Popcorn! leave The Corn Cobs On The Plants Until They Become Hard, Usually In The Cobs In A Cool, Dry Place. When Required, Take The Separate Pieces Of Corn (kernels) Off The Cob, Place Them In A Clean Paper Bag And Ask An Adult To Microwave Them For About A

Tomato Sweet Million – Seeds

Really Easy-to-grow Cherry Tomato With An Excellent Fruit Set So You Are Sure Of A Huge Crop Of Bite-sized, Extra Sweet Fruits.they Can Easily Be Grown On A Sunny Patio In Planters Or In The Cold Greenhouse.

Pumpkin Mammoth – Seeds

Ideal If You Want To Make A Halloween Lantern.mammoth Pumpkins Sometimes Grow So Big You May Need Someone To Help You Lift One.why Not Have A Competition With Your Friends To See Who Can Grow The Heaviest One?

Courgette Eight Ball – Seeds

This Unusual Variety Has A Dwarf, Bushy Habit And Produces Good Crops Of Small, Round, Dark Green-skinned Fruit.harvest When The Size Of A snooker Ball.

Spinach Emelia – Seeds

You Won’t Get Popeye’s Muscles From Eating Your Own Spinach, But You Will Probably Taste The Benefits.this Spinach Is Really Easy To Grow And You Can Pick The Baby Leaves And Add Them To Salads, Stir Fries, Sauces And Pizza. Or Leave The Plants To Mature And Pick For A Really Tasty, Steamed Green Vegetable.tasty! 

Sunflower Teddy Bear – Seeds

Lovely Big ‘double’ Sunflower Heads On Small Plants.they Grow So Quickly From Seed And Look Beautiful All Summer Long.

Cress Curly Top – Seeds

Grow On Kitchen Roll In Small Trays On The Windowsill Or Get The Kids To Paint A Face On Empty Eggshells, Put Damp Cotton Wool Inside, Sprinkle A Few Seeds On It And Watch Green Hair Grow!if You Love Egg And Cress Sandwiches, Grow Your Own Cress!how To Make Your Curly Top 1. Fill A

Cress – Seed Kit

Cress Is Quick And Easy To Grow, And It Tastes Delicious In Sandwiches And Salads. 

Lettuce Cut And Come Again – Seeds

One Of The Fastest Crops For Children To Grow.with Lots Of Different Colours And Texturesthe Leaves Could Be Ready To Cut 4 – 6 Weeksafter Sowing!

Marigold Tiger Eyes (french) – Seeds

Pretty Little Flowers Which Are Easy To Grow.the Seeds Look Like Little Arrows.

Mexican Hat – Seeds

These Pretty Flowers Look Like Mexican Hats (sombreros), And Are Very Unusual And Easy To Grow.they Produce Lots Of Blooms Even In Very Dry Soils, And Do Not Need Much Attention.

Nasturtium Jeepers Creepers – Seeds

These Beautiful Flowers Grow Tall, So Remember To Sow The Seeds Where They Can Climb Up A Fence, Netting Or Sticks.

Squash Patty Pan Yellow – Seeds

Grow Your Own Mini Space Ships With This Really Easy To Grow Patty Makes Compact Plants That Are Covered In Ufo Like, Flat, Wavy Edged Fruits. Each One Is Bright Yellow, Looks Very Pretty And Tastes Great Too.amazing.

Pea Lincoln – Seeds

Very Compact And High Yielding. They May Not Even Get As Far As The Kitchen Once The Kids Begin To Pop A Few Pods Straight From The Plant!

Pepper Big Banana – Seeds

This Variety Bears Up To Fifty Delicious, Shiny Red, Curved Peppers Per Plant.grow In Containers And Patio Planters For An Attractive And Edible Display.pick Regularly For Salads, Pizzas And For Stuffing. Sweet And Juicy.

Asclepias Hedgehog – Seeds

Grow These Tall Plants For Their Hairy Round Seed Pods, Just Like Little Hedgehogs.

Basil Sweet – Seeds

Funky, Fragrant And Fantastic.sweet Green Basil Is Fast Growing. Its Fragrant Leaves Can Be Added To Salads, Or Try Them With Strawberries, Or Simply Chop And Add As The Finishing Touch To Homemade Pizza.a Taste Of Italy From Your Garden. Cool.

Canary Creeper – Seeds

Really Pretty Yellow Flowers Which Can Look Like Little Birds.the Plants Grow Tall, So Watch Them Climb Up A Fence, Netting Or Sticks.

Chive – Seeds

Tasty, Spicy And Totally Spectacular, Chives Are Easy To Grow And Form Pretty, Purple Peppery Flowers That You Can Add To Your Salads. Amaze Your Friends With Your Growing Skills.chives Jazz Up Cheese On Toast, Spice Up Omelettes And Salads Or Use Them As A Summer Garnish On Jacket Potatoes, Pizza Or Pasta.yum.

Creepy Crawly Mix – Seeds

This Mixture Of Flowers Is Attractive To Lots Of Butterflies And Many Other Will Be Growing Your Own Miniature Nature Reserve.why Not Make A List Of All The Different Types Of Wildlife Which Visit The Flowers During The Summer?