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Butternut Squash Seeds – Butterbush

if Limited On Space Grow In Potsa Compact Bush Growth Habitdelicious Tasting Butternut, Excellent For Soupat Last A Compact Butternut For The Patio Or Small Garden. British Bred For Our Climate This Butternut Squash Is A Bush Rather Than Trailing Plant That Invades The Vegetable Garden. Perfect For Patio Or Small Space Gardens.butternuts Squash Is

Squash (butternut) Hunter F1 – Seeds

This Is The First Butternut Squash To Be Bred In The Uk To Give Excellent Results In Our Climate Whatever The Weather. Strong Healthy Plants Will Give A Bumper Crop Of Squashes Which Are Full Of Flavour When Roasted, Boiled Or Mashed.

Squash Batternut Harrier – Seeds

A British Bred Squash Producing High Yields And The Earliest Maturing Butternut Sqaush So It’s Perfect Grown In All Areas And Regions, Giving You The Chance To Enjjoy This Great Tasting Vegetable. If You Love Butternut Squash You’ll Love Harrier, Easy To Grow, It’ll Leave You Coming Back For More!

Squash Seeds – Sunburst Patty Pan

Squash Sunburst Is So Easy To Grow. Producing Masses Of Bright Yellow, Butter Colour Patty Pan Fruits This High Yielding Variety Is A Real Winner. The Fruits Are Particularly Tender If Picked When Small And Young. Simply Steam And Serve Whole To Retain That Delicious, Fresh Flavour.

Squash Seeds – Muscat De Provence

A True Show-stopper! This Unusual Form Of Squash Or Pumpkin Produces Large Fruits Which Are Heavily Ribbed. Skin Turns From An Orangey Terracotta Colour To A Deep Mahogany Whilst The Flesh Is Vibrant Orange With Exceptional Flavour And Very Few Seeds.

Squash Seeds – Uchiki Kuri

Squash ‘uchiki Kuri’, Also Known As Onion Squash, Is An Excellent Choice Because Of Its Familiar Pumpkin Appearance And Superior Squash Flavour. The Flesh Is A Lovely Butter-colour With A Texture Much Smoother Than Butternut Squash. The Shape Is Different From Your Average Squash Too, With A Slightly This Teardrop-shape However The Colour Is Still

Squash Seeds – Spaghetti Stripetti

Squash ‘spaghetti Stripetti’ Is Different From Other Squash Because It Has Unique Flesh Which, When Scooped Out, Forms Strands Much Like Spaghetti, Hence The Name. The Flavour Is Delicious And Sweet And Along With This Unusual Texture Will Give Your Meals Another Easy Squash For The Home Gardener To Grow, It Thrives If Planted

Squash Festival – Seeds

This Trailing Variety Produces Small, Sweet, Nutty Fruit With Marbled Skins. Perfect For Roasting Or Baking. festival Fruit Store Very Well.

Squash Patty Pan Mix – Seeds

These High Yielding, Attractive And Tasty Patty Pan Squashes In Shades Of Yellow And Green Grow As Prolifically As Courgettes.they Can Be Used Whole When Young, Or Grow A Bit Bigger And Use Just As You Would Courgettes.