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Azalea Geisha Girl 2.5l Potted Shrub

The Perfect Variety For Growing In A Small Container Outdoors Used As Pretty Centre Pieces On An Outdoor Dining Table Or In A Container Display In A Courtyard. So Generous In The Number Of Flowers It Produces Every Year For Less Than £15 For A Shrub That Has Lovely Green Leaves 365 Days A

Philadelphus Virginal- Shrub

Philadelphus Virginal, Commonly Called Mock Orange Blossom, Is A Hardy Flowering Shrub That  Bears Sweetly Scented Flowers In Mid Summer. These Deciduous Shrubs Have Double Pure White Blooms And Their Orange Blossom Perfume Often Fills The Garden, Attracting Bees And Other Pollinating Insects. Philadelphus Are Superb Shrubs For A Boundary Or In A Border. They

Viburnum Opulus Roseum (sterile)- Shrub

Viburnum Opulus Roseum Is Commonly Known As Snowball Trees. These Viburnum Shrubs Bear Round Clusters Of Sweetly Scented White Flowers That Resemble Snowballs And Give The Plants Their Common Name. The Flowers Of Viburnum Opulus Roseum Are Sterile So These Shrubs Won’t Produce Berries. The Green Leaves Of Viburnum Turn To Shades Of Russet And

Jasminum Officinale 9cm Potted Shrub

Produces An Array Of Starry White Flowers In Summer That Are Deliciously Scented. Just Plant In Sunny Part Of The Garden Or In A Large Container On A Patio.though Not A True Climber It Can Be Grown Easily As Such; Just Weave The Stems Into A Trellis. Excellent To Plant This Variety Near A Door,