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Cosmos Apollo Lovesong – Plants

new Compact Cottage Mixcontrasting Leaf And Flower Contrast24 Strong Plants Delivered To Your Doorbefitting Of A Romantic Cottage Scene Cosmos Apollo Lovesong Will Bring You Uplifting Open Flowers From Mid-summer And Lasting Into Autumn. The Open Flowers With Petals Ranging From Pure Linen White To Baby-pink, Contrast Beautifully With The Feathery Leaves That Shimmer In

Busy Lizzie Athena Sweetheart Mixed – Plants

hard-working Flowers For Summer-long Displayscountry Romance Colour Mixgreat In Sun, Great In Shadef1 Hybrid For Naturally Vigorous Growthtake Advantage Of These Beautiful Busy Lizzies In Soft And Sophisticated Shades Of Pink, Whites And Rose. The Plants Grow From Strong And Promising Plug Plants, Produce Buds Every Day And Turn Into Fantastic Flowers.busy Lizzie Athena Sweetheart

Begonia Illumination Tropical Shades – 9 Plants

nine Ready-to-plant Flowerscorals And Hot Colourscascading Flowers, Perfect For Hanging Basketswith F1-hybrid Vigorous Growthenjoy Beautiful Hanging Baskets With Begonia Illumination Tropical Shades. Get Nine Plants Ready To Position In The Soil Straight Away, Enough To Fill Two Large Hanging Baskets For A Glorious Display.these Are The Best Trailing Begonias We’ve Ever Grown, Super Vigorous And

Begonia Illumination Apricot Mixed – 9 Plants

cascades Of Flowerstropical Colours Even In Shadegreat For Hanging Basketswith Enormous Cascading Double And Single Blooms In Apricot, Amber And Lemon, This Begonia Mix Will Create A Stunning Array Of Lush A Healthy Flowers. They Are Easy To Grow And Look Stunning In Hanging Baskets Or Window Boxes From Summer All The Way Through To

Begonia Non-stop Mixed – 9 Plants

bags Of Colourgives You A Duo Of Beautiful Basketsgreat For Summer Garden Displays get Hold Of Begonia Non-stop Mix For Uplifting Big, Bright Blooms. You Receive Nine Established Young Plants, Ready To Flower Within A Fortnight. Every Plant Has An Established Root Network And Stems Ready To Bud And Flower. These Beautiful Blooms Live Up To

Tulip Bulbs ‘double Sugar’ X6

Variety With Petals That Open Up Just Like A Peony In Spring. What’s More This Variety Gives Off A Sweet-sugary Scent Reminiscent Of Childhood Trips To The Sweet Shop.plant This Gorgeous Variety In Autumn So That In Spring You Are Rewarded With A Charming Collection Of Rose-looking Tulips.they Look Fantastic Grown In Containers Either On

Tulip Hot Colour Luck Dip Mix

create Gorgeous Flower Displays In Vibrant And Vivacious Colours60 Bulbs In This Great-value Packhealthy Tulip Bulbs Delivered To Your Doora Lucky Dip Of Hot-coloured Tulip Varieties5 Bags Of 12 Bulbs take Advantage Of This Great Deal Of Five Packs Of Tulip Bulbs Chosen For You. Every Pack Gives You A Look And Feel Of Escape And

Tulip Romance Lucky Dip Mix

create Gorgeous Flower Displays In Pinks And Pastels60 Bulbs In This Great-value Packhealthy Tulip Bulbs Delivered To Your Doora Lucky Dip Of Romantic Tulip Varieties5 Bags Of 12 Bulbstake Advantage Of This Great Deal Of Five Packs Of Tulip Bulbs Chosen For You. Every Pack Will Befit A Look And Feel Of Country Romance With

Tulip Eternal Flame – Tulip Bulbs

Tulip Eternal Flame Is Beautiful Even Before It Flowers With Attractive Variegated Foliage That Adds Colour To Beds And Borders, And Containers. The Deep Rose Pink Flowers Appear Quite Late In The Season, Despite Tulip Eternal Flame Being Listed As A Double Early Tulip. And The Pink-tinged Green Leaves Make This Tulip Decorative For A

Double Early Tulip Mix -tulip Bulbs

These Double Early Tulip Bulbs Are Often Called Peony -flowered Tulips Because Their Showy Flowers Really Do Resemble Peonies. This Brilliant Mix Of Tulip Bulbs Come In Bright Colours That Will Look Stunning In Beds, Borders And Containers.our Double Early Mix Includes Three Of Each:monte Carlo Bright Egg-yolk Yellow Bloomspeach Blossom A Peachy Pink Tulip;

Tulip Bulbs – Vaya Con Dios

Marvel At The Yellow Frilled Petals Of This Peony-like Beautiful Tulip. Flowers On Strong, Robust Stems, Withstanding April Showers Well.vaya Con Dios Looks Just Like A Peony – A Lovely Appetite Whetter For The Upcoming Peony And Rose Season.consider Cutting A Few Flowers For Vases Indoors, Bringing Your Home To Life With Cheery Colours.planting In

Tulip Bulbs – Match

Get These Compact And Tidy Tulips For A Seductive Show Of Spring Flowers That Have Cream Bases And Luscious Pink-red Tips. Great For Borders Or Containers.this Variety Is Perfect For You If You Favour sophisticated Red Tulips And Are Looking For That Spring-flower That Will Complement Other Beautiful Blooms Like Crown-fritillaries, Alliums And Them In

Tulip Bulbs – Joint Division

Add These Gorgeous Apricot To Pink Flowers To Your Early Season Border Or Spring Container Display. The Finely Cut Edges Are Practically Electrifying.grow With Crown Imperials In Reds And Yellows To Create A Spring Display Of Warm Colours To Herald The Start Of Summer.planting In Open Groundbulbs Prefer Free-draining Soil. Digging About A Week Before

Tulip Orange Princess – Tulip Bulbs

Award Of Garden Merit Variety Orange Princess Fills Your Garden With Cheery Bright Orange Flowers In Spring Which Open Up Like Roses With Lots Of Petals For Lots Of Flower Power. beautifully Fragrant, Plant Orange Princess Where You Can Enjoy The Scent To Its Fullest Like In Pots By Your Door. These Beautiful Orange Flowers Emerge

Tulip Black Hero – Tulip Bulbs

attracts Beneficial Beesmake Ideal Vase Flowersrare Dark-petalled Selectionmaximise On Moody Flowers Which Emulate Sophistication And Style. Black Hero Rescues Dull And Drab Flower Schemes By Adding Contrasting Colour And Texture Which Enhance Nearby Yellow Daffodils, Crown Imperials And Traditional Yellow Tulip Varieties.the Flowers Make Their Appearance In April And May, The Perfect Time For Partnering

Tulip Bulbs – Estella Rijnveld

Seductive And Vibrant, Showy And Striking, This Red And White Tulip Variety Will Stands Out In The Spring Garden And Turn Heads. Grow In Full Sun To Enhance These Bold Blooms.planting In Open Groundbulbs Prefer Free-draining Soil. Digging About A Week Before Planting And Adding Some Coarse Sand Or Grit Will Aid Drainage If Soil

Tulip Ballade – Tulip Bulbs

attracts Beneficial Beesmake Ideal Vase Flowerseasy To Plant In Autumnmaximise On Spring Colour With Elegant And Sophisticated Purple And White Tulip Ballade. Ballerina-like Flowers Add Structure And Impact To Your Planting Scheme In May. Place Your Bulbs In Containers, By A Wall Or Even Up Through The Lawn For A Naturalistic Look.the Flowers Make Their

Tulip Drumline – Tulip Bulbs

attracts Beneficial Beesgreat For Cut Flowerspeony-like Blooms From Aprilget Hold Of Tulip Drumline For Fun And Flamboyant Tulips. Dot Them Around The Beds Of Your Garden Or Group Them Together For Concentrated Pockets Of Red And White Flowers. Every Bud Opens Up To Make Way For A Crown Of Red And White Striped Petals, Evocative

Tulip Labrador – Tulip Bulbs

rare Hoar-frost Like Edgescomplements Nearby Yellow And Orange Flowersmake Ideal Vase Flowersmaximise On Moody Flowers Which Emulate Sophistication And Style. Labrador Shows Off Its Wine-red Petals With Rare Frost-like Edges In April And May When The Spring Is In Full Swing And You Can Enjoy Their Company When Relaxing Outdoors.the Flowers Make Their Appearance In

Tulip Creme Lizard – Tulip Bulbs

big On Impact- Rare Textured Varietybeautiful Cut For Vasesbrings Spring Cheeryou Get A Dramatic Spring Display With Tulip Crème Lizard. For Every Bulb Buds Open Up In April Revealing Rare, Textured Petals With Rose Blush. Pair Up With Spring-flowering Bulbs Like Red Tulips Or Blue Hyacinths For Colour Contrast And Heavenly Scent Engaging Multiple Senses.the