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Turnip Sweet Bell – Seeds

A Truly Unique Turnip, It Has An Exquisite Flavour Which Can Be Likened To A Melon In Is Very Juicy And Tastes Equally Good Sliced Or Grated In A Salad Or Lightly Steamed And Served Hot.

Turnip Snowball – Seeds

Pure White Flesh, As Its Name Suggest, With A Superb Flavour. Snowball Is Best Harvested When No Larger Than A Tennis Ball, And Can Also Be Enjoyed When Much Smaller.

Turnip Purple Top Milan – Seeds

Turnips Are Often Underrated, But Not By Gardeners Who Appreciate Their Delicate, Fine Flavour. Purple Top Milan Is Especially Flavoursome. Pick When No More Than 5cm (2in) Across For The Best Flavour.